About Me


I turned to online dating when my career had me traveling non stop. I didn’t enjoy it. I wasn’t sure how to “do it” and I wasn’t meeting the kinds of people I wanted to. There was no help- I was on my own.

You aren’t! I spent a good amount of time figuring out online dating and using the strategies I developed to meet the people I was actually looking for. I was spending less time, less money, less emotional energy and going on more high quality dates that were resulting in relationships. 

I now teach these exact strategies so anyone can change their online dating outcomes and get the online dating results that they are actually looking for! I’m honored to be part of your journey!


A first of its kind online course designed to help you get the online dating results that you actually want! It will change the way you date online.


The Dating Disasters Podcast

Dating isn’t always great. Join me for cringeworthy, yet lesson abundant, dating disasters. Available wherever you get your podcasts!


Oh, Those Gems!

Join me weekly for some useful advice as I answer the most commonly asked questions that I get. If you have a question for me, I always welcome emails at [email protected]